About me

Hello! My name is Tamara and I’d like to welcome You to my Ecology class blog. Currently, I am a freshman at the American College of Thessaloniki and my major is Business and Computing.

The purpose of this blog

This blog has several purposes. The first one is uploading the class assignments. Besides this, all the users of this particular blog can see the texts, pictures, and videos I will be posting for the whole semester. This may become interesting to the readers and make them be interested in and curious about the topics I’ll be discussing here. Moreover, since we live in the 21st century, I found creating this blog very useful, because besides having a fast and direct relation to the professor, we are learning how to use this technological application which is widespread these days. In addition to this, I’m going to get the feedbacks from the professor, which is beneficial since I’ll be aware of which changes I should make in order to improve my work.

Topic I’m concerned about

So far, the Earth is the only planet with living organisms. Its nature is complex and rich of the various types of resources. As the time was going by and humankind has been improving its lifestyle, the natural resources we use everyday are going to disappear. Therefore, the lack of the natural resources became a serious environmental issue which is part of our everyday life. I think that people should be more aware of what is going on with the nature around them and that they should start acting immediately. In order to be efficient and helpful, I’d like to discuss more about the natural resources in this class.

My place of origin

Due to the unexpected circumstances, I was born in Tehran (Iran), but my origins are from Serbia. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and my hometown, in which I’ve been living for thirteen years now. Serbia’s topography is very interesting because it is consisted of one big plain (Panonija) and a few little ones, several big mountains, and of a number of rivers. The highest mountains in Serbia are Kopaonik and Zlatiobor. Besides their beautiful nature and healthy environment, these mountains are homes for a huge number of species. Moreover, they’re popular skiing centers and places for holidays. The longest river in Serbia is Danube and many rivers mouth in this one. Some other long rivers are Sava, Big Morava, Tisa, Drina, and Tara. All of the rivers, especially Danube have a big importance, because they’re main water resources, irrigation systems, and significant ecosystems. Most of these rivers and the mountains are national parks highly visited and popular lately. Mountain Kopaonik became a national park in 1981. Because of the number of endemic species is one of the most important centers of biodiversity of endemic flora of Serbia.

Mountain Kopaonik

The following video is a presentation of Kopaonik’s environment


Serbia’s environmental problem

Although river Danube is very important to Serbia for many reasons, people don’t seem to care enough about it. As the years were passing by, Danube has been polluted constantly. The life of animals and plants in this river has been endangered. One of the Earth’s biggest problems has affected Danube in various ways. By saying ‘Earth’s problem’, I refer to the global warning. The amount of rain, snow, and melted ices that appeared due to the global warming affected the Danube’s water level. Since the level is higher than ever before, many people who were living next to this river have lost their homes and land. Serbia has been investing in this issue for at least 5 years now in order to give this people their homes back. However, what the government didn’t do and which is extremely important is preventing the floods of this river. I agree it’s a global problem and issue, but the solution to the problem can start from changing habitants’ bad daily habits which contribute to this issue.

Danube through Serbia

Floods in Danube's valley


Life in Belgrade

The Center of Belgrade

As I said before, I live in Belgrade. It is a beautiful city, which has around 2 million people. As years were passing by, it has been enlarged and around 230,000 people immigrate in Belgrade every year. Belgrade is a good place for living, but these changes I mentioned previously led to destroying the environment of the city. People are not really aware of what is going on with our city’s nature, and they’re not taking any action in order to save its beauty and uniqueness. In my opinion, Belgrade has a lot of environmental issues to be solved and this should be the major concern of its citizens.







The difference between Environmental Science, Environmentalism, and Ecologist

Environmental scientists are concerned about how the natural world works, how the environment affects us and vice versa. These scientists study the issues which are crucial to our environment. Moreover, they’re trying to pursuit the knowledge about the working of the natural world and how our interactions contribute to it or destroy it – it is an interdisciplinary field which is consisted of information about the world and of human behavior. Environmentalists are members of a social movement which is dedicated to protecting the nature. In addition to this, its concern is protecting people from undesirable changes which are made by human actions. Ecologists are scientists that study about the interactions among organisms and between the organisms and their environments. The relationships among the organisms which ecologists are studying about are on the levels of organisms, populations, ecosystems, and the biosphere. Although these three terms seem to be similar, there are some differences between them. Firstly, environmental scientists and ecologists are scientists who deal with two different sciences, in which their goal is to maintain objective. Even though a scientist is always affected by personal opinion and experiences, it is very important for them to stay focused on their studies without any outside influences in order to achieve right and useful information. In contrast to this, environmentalism is a movement created by people who are concerned about the environmental problems. Environmental scientists study many of the same issues that environmentalists care about. However, there is a difference among the two sciences. Environmental scientists study about the human interaction with the nature, but on the other hand ecologists are more concerned about the nature particularly and its levels of hierarchy of the living organisms. In my personal opinion, human society should care about the environmental issues and should start to act. Since I care about the nature around me, I’d like to contribute to solving the problems with which environmentalists are dealing with. Besides the fact that global issues should be solved globally, each one of us can save the environment around us by doing little work, for instance recycling the garbage from the homes.


Me as the population ecologist

As an ecologist, I had a task to show how Total fertility rate is related to The Gross National Product (GNP) in the countries of all the continents. After I have plotted and established the given data, I came to a few conclusions. I noticed that fertility decreases when GNP increases. This shows us that in the richest countries, in the ones whose annual income is high, the fertility rate is low. There are several reasons that could explain this phenomenon. Firstly, the high value of GNP shows us that in countries which are in this situation people are occupied and concerned mostly with their careers. Although these societies have the conditions to create families, they have no time or have less time for the family and that’s why they do not build families or make children. Such countries exist in Europe (France, UK, Norway, Luxembourg, etc.) and North America mostly.

Second of all, the countries with high fertility rate have families with many children. In poor countries like these, people are less educated and are not aware of all types of the birth

control. These families reproduce a lot, yet they have no income or just a little and are not capable of creating a quality life for their families. In addition to this, the countries of these people are not investing nor in children or families, so this is why the lives of these people are even more difficult. For example, the countries which have this problem are the countries of South America, Africa, and Asia greatly. In the country I was born in (Iran) the total fertility rate is high and the GNP is low. Since Iran is an Asian Arabic country, the poor lifestyle of its citizens and the amount of population contributes to the big number of children in families.